Last Kiss

December 11, 2007
By Samantha Smith, McCurtain, OK


Beautiful man
Gliding toward me
Taking my hand
And filling me with glee

He’s holding me tight
I’m stuck in his gaze
He turns away
And I’m left in a daze

‘Mi Amor’ he says
‘You love me so much’
I crave his lips,
His kiss and his touch

We’re all alone
In a dark room
He lays me down
Confident in my doom

Kissing my neck
Waiting till the time’s right
To bear his fangs
And take the fatal bite

Kiss me again, I say
Breaking the spell
He strokes my hair
With hands I know so well

One last kiss he says
Before you die
I figure it out
And start to cry

Once again at my neck
I feel his teeth
He pushes them in
They go so deep

One last look
At my perfect guy
Because of my lust
I had to die

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