Why We Love Football

May 19, 2012
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“There is no other game like football”
By: Chase Kelly
There is no other game which requires such a mentality.
No other game which requires such physicality
Having the courage to throw yourself at men twice your size
The greats are the ones who don’t close their eyes
They run North to South
And they’ll sure “hit you in the mouth”
It gives you the power to change your life
If you’re willing to endure the grit and strife

There is no other game where the coach is so important on the field.
He which holds the team together truly has the sword and shield
Without his guidance there is no play
Without his genius there would be no way
With such a complex game no man could do it alone
With many great aspects, to each man his own
Who receives credit for a comeback in the second quarter
It’s the man who stands behind the border

There is no other which requires a team to always join together
For if they did not there is no hope for these heads of leather
If one linemen misses his block
You better hope someone can carry the rock
If one linebacker misses gap
You can bet there’ll be a mishap
With each piece on the board meaning so much
You need to have the right guys, when the moment is clutch

There is no other game like football.

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