Death of an American Girl Doll

May 18, 2012
By Ginny83 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
Ginny83 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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Her fixed eyes stare
Unblinkingly ahead
Toward the girl
The light hugs instead

Unmoving lips
Unfaltering eyes
Forever frozen face
Hair comes out of hair ties

The ghost of a laugh
Still etched on her face
Patting her head
The ivory curtains of lace

The doll’s fingers outstretch
Reaching for her
Still full of love
The way that they once were

Watching from beneath
As the girl walks around
Her life keeps on moving
Never looking at the ground

Lifetimes pass
As the girl grows
No time for stories
Of friends and foes

Doll accessories and clothes
To the basement they went
Replaced with headbands and belts
She knew what this meant

The house was her world
The room was her home
Now a choking prison
Only thoughts free to roam

Reflecting on memories
Images of happiness and fun
Continuously blinding her
Like mirrors in the sun

Perpetually falling
Out of her straw chair
Caught in the middle
Neither here nor there

Full of wonder
Brimming with regret
What did she do
To make the girl forget?

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