Sink with Joy

May 17, 2012
By Katie1499 BRONZE, Greenwich, Connecticut
Katie1499 BRONZE, Greenwich, Connecticut
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The smooth,
Translucent water
With its soft touch
As the stench of chlorine
Fills my nose

The currents
Taunting me
Beg me to jump
Right into their
Open arms

To Swim
Be free
I resist, hold on
I do not release

I plummet into the
Icy, cold, pool
It stings my body
Waking me up from
My daydream

Blue ripples,
Showering droplets,
Cover me in a
blanket of water.

It controls my arms,
My legs,
My body,
I am a puppet
it is my master

I enjoy the way it helps me:
The way it pushes me farther
Into the endless blue sky

When I do relax my grip,
I stop resisting and coordinate
With the force
As I push farther
Into the never ending world of water,

Its strong currents helping,
Commanding my body
to keep kicking, swimming

I know
The waves will one day
Satisfy my entire body
till I Sink with joy.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem inspired by the way I feel when I swim in the pool.

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