I'd Rather Not Hear the Cry of A Two-Year Old Kid in Trouble

April 30, 2012
By stephgalle94 BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
stephgalle94 BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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I be you, take away my weekends for a year; Put
Me in a dark and dung filled cave to sit

In fear; make me take the SAT everyday for the rest of

my life, or make me skin a buck with a pocket

knife, make me count the
Number of pennies in a jar

Take away my car; stick me in a
Room with five people for a week;
On me, let the baby take a leak; Give me food

crusted dishes to do; make me clean
Under a poop filled loo; Let me have one continuous

stream of homework and behind my
Back you may
Lurk; All these things permit them to come my way;

But do not
Ever make me spank a little kid

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