Feelings Still Dangling

May 15, 2008
By Mika Miles, Moore, OK

Verse 1
Sometimes i think that life's not worth living
all of these things I've been giving
so why don't you just go?
leave me on my own
to cry these tears alone

i will put this pain away
until another day
when you come home to stay
why does it have to end?
leave my heart to mend
from now till my end

so why do you say
that you want to stay?
cause baby i know you don't
and baby i know you wont
why did you hurt me?
when you leave me hangin
with all these feelings still dangling

Verse 3
does it have to end like this?
our hearts in a twist
alone in the mist
why can't we show love?
grow love
become love again
until the bitter end
so say that you want to stay and mean it
or just beat it
just leave me hanging
with all of these feelings still dangling

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