April 24, 2008
By Matthew Rice, Austin, TX

Yo my name is Matt and you know what I mean,
My favorite food is pizza with a little ice-cream,
My favorite sport is football because I’m on the team,
And I’m the hardest hittin’ linebacker you’ve ever seen.

I’m in a band that Rocks Out Loud!!
And I play guitar for the entire crowd,
Soon we will be national for all to see,
And I’ll shred for you on the scene,
Wait it’s not over from me,
I’ll take it from a rap to an opera scene,
Wo! Yo! Stop that junk that’s not me,
I’m just a big rapping machine.

My other sport is basketball you know what I mean,
Only because I’m a high flyin dribblin’ machine,
I’m also on the team for you to see,
I have the golden skills for all to see,
Yo I’m good at video games especially Halo 3,
I use my machine gun to blast the scene,
Unfortunately for me there was no scene,
It was just me shooting a tree.

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This article has 1 comment.

hilary said...
on Aug. 4 2008 at 11:15 pm
so ur a rapper? cool i'm a singer in my own way. i put some songs on teenink 2. 1 is butterflies nd the other 1 is blue bird but idk if that 1 was reviewed by the editor yet. awesome rap. peace hilary

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