Mothers Day

July 28, 2008
By Emily Walton, Taylorsville, UT

I'm here in a pool of confusion.

There you are in pool of lies and I hope regret.

Today is a day of reality

A day of sadness.

A day of remorse.

Years ago, today was a day of smiles and warmth.

But now; today is a dampened reminder your not here.

I hope you miss me;

I hope you are sitting by the phone waiting for me to call.

I hope you feel the way you've made us feel for the past five years.

I want you to take this moment;

This pain and regret;

And learn from it.

Know that nothing will ever change, until you do.

That we aren't a family, without you.

And we made it with a empty hole in our hearts.

And miss what use to fill it up.

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