You Mean What I Know!!

May 17, 2012
By , yucca valley, CA
Don't try to say that you don't mean what i know!
Don't you dare say that I'm too young!
Don't even act like you care!
Don't lie to me again!
Don't bring mom into this, it has nothing to do with her!
Don't you ever say that your better than her!
Don't try to justify what you did!
I wont ever be able to forgive you . . .
I am old enough
You NEVER cared about what happened to us
Your lies fill me with disgust and makes me want to gag
You cant keep blaming others for what you've done to this family
How can you say that shes an unfit mother . . . HOW, DAD . . . HOW???
There are no word you can say to make what you did okay . . .

Yeah, your my dad . . .
Yeah, ill always love you . . .
But that does not mean i have to like you . . .

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