He's Still Here

July 27, 2008
By Brittany Ward, North Las Vegas, NV

they way he says my name,
makes me go crazy inside.
they way he says im beautiful,
puts the biggest smile on my face.

its the way that he always says hes kidding,
that makes me realize how much he cares,
and its the way 1000 people could be around, but he finds me
that makes me see im always on his mind.

its the way he calls to say goodmorning,
that iknow im the first thing he thinks about.
and the way he calls to say goodnight,
that iknow im the last thing on his mind.

just the way he always wants to know how im doing,
shows hes here for me,
and its the way he calls me baby,
that makes my knees weak.

but mostly its the way he looks at me,
like we are the only people around.
and its definately the way that after everything weve been through.
hes still here.

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