it's okay to have cheesecake

July 27, 2008
By Anonymous

I get overwhelmed quickly if there's too much of something,
That's why I steer clear of long lists
and poems.

I hate Dora the Explorer.

We like TV, but it doesn't make us happy.
So why do we spend hours in front of it
Instead of doing things we like?

TV is a narcotic. We're addicted.

I'm compulsive. I inhale food.
I don't want it. I'm not hungry.
I need more.

I have no self control.
I act on impulse.
If I want something, I need it now.
No control

I'm obsessive. I have intrusive thoughts
About death and scary images.

I stayed up late to watch a show that I thought would be good.
It wasn't.
But I still watched it.

I like even colors, numbers and days of the week.
Yellow, green, orange, white.
2, 4, 6, 8.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
It doesn't make a difference though.
It's just being irrational.

I complain about washing dishes.
But I don't mind it.
I sort the dishes in a certain way.
Spoons, forks, and knives first.
Little plates, medium size plates, big plates.
Then plastic cups last.
If someone else washes the dishes,
They don't do it right.
I have to organise them the right way.

I cried when my cat continued to walk on my keyboard.

It's okay to have cheesecake in the morning.

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