Never Stop Loving

July 26, 2008
By Lexie Palmer, Wasilla, AK

She Stands Still…Waiting In The Dark
Taking In The Cold Air
And Watching The Passing Cars
She has Everything In The World
And More And Still Feels Empty
Her Heart Stings With Sadness
And She Tries To Play It Off
Her Fake Smile And Infectious Laugh Seem To Fool Them So Far
But If They Would Look Just So Much Closer…
They’d See The Scars
And Deep Into Her Pores Where The True Feelings Hide
Where All She Wants Is Bliss
And For The Tears To Stop Rolling Down Her Cheeks
She Possesses The Talents Of An Artist
And Works With Diligence
She’s Always There For Everyone Else Yet Feels Useless
Life Seems To Not Be An Option But Then She Finds Love
Her Body Feels Warm
And Her Senses Return
He Holds Her Hand And She Feels So Safe
The Scars Stop Forming
And The Tears Start Drying
She Found Her Bliss And Her Smiles Are Now Real…

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