The Smile Burned into the Backs of My Eyelids

July 26, 2008
By Kaela Kelly, 3025 Banks Road, TN

I hate this affect you have on me,
How you constantly seem to be stalking my dreams,
I hate how every second I spend without you it rips me at the skin,
I hate how your smile is burned into the backs of my eyelids,
How the very thought of you can knock the air out of my core being,
I hate how you've become my new drug,
That I'm so addicted you could shatter me with one simple tug,
I hate how you're not like the others,
How you made my barriers tumble in,
I hate you for catching me off guard,
For making me stumble on my once solid grounds,
I hate how your arms are always waiting to overtake me,
And how underserving I am of such things,
But most of all I hate how you love me.

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