The Room

April 27, 2012
By Levon Tools BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
Levon Tools BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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This was a banging weekend a couple weeks ago well our last break that we had, this girl I know had got a room at the hawthorn and that night was so crazy. We was on the bottom floor and the room wasn’t big but it wasn’t too small either it was a nice little size. It had a little kitchen in it had a stove and everything in it. We didn’t bring no food too cook though so when we got in there we was just chilling at first then we had left to go get some chicken because our stomachs was on 10. Then when we got back we was just chilling and eating. When we got done it was boring so we were waiting on some more people to show up so the room can get more live. So when more people had showed up it had got more fun. We were all just sitting around laughing and making jokes but I guess we were to loud.

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