Just Get Better

April 27, 2012
By Jasmine Harris BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
Jasmine Harris BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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Death. Gone. Alone. There’s no time for nonsense. My dad not feeling well ,stomach pain, leg pain not caring for himself like he suppose to. He begin acting as if he was a kid that couldn’t go to the potty on his own. Building blocks. Saying his colors. Things he acted as if he didn’t know how to do. In most families you would think that the dad is the one who suppose to have the strength. But in this family it wasn’t him who who had it. It was like he was brainless when it came to caring for himself or his kids. He didn’t take any of his medicine that he needed so he got really sick.

Now look at him he’s having surgery on his leg because he didn’t want to take care of himself and responsibilities. “Stop killing yourself. Your kids need you. You can’t stop living lift because your wife dies, if anything she would want you to keep living life to the fullest. Taking your medicine will let you live without pain in your life. Killing yourself won’t make you die quicker it’s not your decision its god decision.

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