Out From Within

April 27, 2012
Shaking uncontrollably
I try to move
Another explosion
I fly through the air
I land on my shoulder
But there has to be hope
I have to keep moving
Fire surrounds me
I see people running
Everyone is frightened
They don’t understand
Another explosion
I fly through the air again
I feel the fire burn me
I land on something uneven
I don’t look
Afraid of what I will see
At first
I thought we were
Being bombed
But now I realize
The explosions are coming
From beneath us
The world as we know it
Is collapsing into itself
The hot core reaching the surface
I get up and fall again
My leg broken
Another explosion
Thrown through the air again
Who was I kidding?
There wasn’t any hope
No one would live
Past 2012

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