My Dream Girl

July 26, 2008
By benny thiaray, Milpitas, CA

“My Dream Girl”

Everytime I wake up dreamy and getting ready for school,

I see a pretty face in the mirror which is very cool.

She is beautiful like a petal of rose and her eyes like a blue sky,

Her smile is so warm and friendly, like a little angel who is very shy.

Her hair is silky, long, and smooth to touch,

I feel a soft feather which I like very much.

She is young, beautiful, pretty, and smart,

Which reminds me a fine piece of an art.

She is tall, loveable, bubbly and very cheerful,

That’s my soul who is my heart and so beautiful.

The way she walks is the way she talks,

The smell of her presence is like a fresh beans stalk.

Her personality, confidence, and inner strength,

Brings her closer and minimizes the length.

That’s how the girl is in my dream,

This could be true in my future stream.

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