My Worst Enemy

July 26, 2008
Distance my worst enemy,
Holding me away from my second being,
It stares me down and dares me to move closer,
Smirking at the ripping of my fleshy skin,
The caving of my soul as my rib cage bears through,

Distance my worst enemy,
Waiting for me to break fully,
It eats me out as if it hasn't reached my core,
Testing my mental state and who you are,

Distance my worst enemy,
With its evil grin and deep chuckle,
Embracing my agony as it watches me horde away this longing for you,
Telling me to give up and look away,
Tearing down all hopes and simplicities,

Distance my worst enemy,
Whispering I don't deserve you,
Laughing at me as I gently weep away sweet sorrows,
Winding me every time I begin to smile,

Distance my worst enemy,
Can't compare to the love you show me,
Won't keep me from your touch or your all telling smile,

Distance my worst enemy,
Dispite all its tries still can't kill me.

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