Her Story

April 30, 2012
Behind her smile,
Is the story of a forgotten child,
A child who’s dream was constantly being taken from her,
From a mom who wouldn’t listen,
And a dad that stands back and watches,
As her knees buckle.
His baby girl breaks down crying.
He watches her grab the only thing that makes her feel better
And watches the blood start dripping
Behind her kind eyes,
Is a girl who’s seen more than you can imagine
A girl that has been to hell and back
Just to see the people she loves, Smile
Her pillow has befriended many tears
And they meet again,
Every night,
Right before bed
She isn’t as happy as she makes out to be
She has ripped herself to shreds
She constantly hurts
And she sits back waiting for the day,
That it will all be over.

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