April 30, 2012
By J.Archuleta GOLD, Edgewood, New Mexico
J.Archuleta GOLD, Edgewood, New Mexico
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Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to enter
My theater of dreams in a one of a kind adventure
As you step through the veil
You must keep in mind
What dreams may prevail
If you see what’s inside…

Fantastic creatures lurking
Imprisoned in the cage
Contortionists writhing,
Jerking in this show for any age…

A man dancing
On wire
Inspires lasting desires
As he balances on the threshold of death…
In motley
Take your ridicule in stride
Laughing, you strive for your breath…

But where do the spectators go
after the curtain falls on the show?
Back to a cruel, morbid truth
Forgotten kindness, found only in youth

A child sees no evil
Least of all do they see irony…

All the money in the world could never
From my spirit, the cirque, dissever
The world’s irony
Displayed, for the entire world to see
All for the price of an admission ticket…

Step right up…

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