when i come upon you

July 26, 2008
By rosanna anguiano, Salem, OR

the taste of these cherry blossoms linger in my mouth, the ever so long rythm beats in head, the new experience i persevere is more than a hidden talent, this oath that my generation gives to me is unfaithful, but looking into this broken shattered mirror, i still see my world be put together by a stranger who knows exactly what to do and where. when you ask me i will not know. i will not know because i am trying to expand my life span. with these toxins that i retrieve from this person that i trust but do not know. when this elegant day comes, the one when i will be transfered to a different world by a spirit who's touch means more than the money i make, then i will be set free in a different dimension and the world that i now live in will be a myth that i will not recall. it will be reinhabited by new born flesh. and i will be looking upon this flesh, wondering whether it will bring good or evil.

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