My Love To Hate

May 9, 2012
By Brooklynfyre PLATINUM, Pierceton, Indiana
Brooklynfyre PLATINUM, Pierceton, Indiana
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My heart has darkened to the pain
what did i ever think to gain
by telling you of how i feel
my heart is all you did steal
it is now on the ground
broken and bruised
these aren't tears of joy
but tears of pain
am i the dragon you have slain?
no joy hath replace thine sorrow
for i must see you by tomorrow
as the water mingles with my blood
my friends, they scream at me to stop
but this is what i must do for i have no hope left
my eyes, they close as i begin to dream
now i finally will have my peace
i hear you clearly, calling out my name
i sit up, but remember I'm just a game
a toy without strings
you don't care about my feelings
i have no more joy
because of you, my love to hate

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