The Waiting Lady

July 26, 2008
By Lindsey Baker, Alpharetta, GA

She lies in a twisted sea of vines
the ivy curling around her
invading her mind
pulling her in farther.

She sits for years,stone skin cold
black hair rustling in windless nights
she tries to get away with her crime,
but there is no one to read her rights.

Her beady black eyes staring soulessly
into a deep moonless sky
the pit of her existence
is no longer the apple of his eye.

So here she waits, the waiting lady
hoping for a chance at life and breath
waiting for something that may never come,
as she waits in death.

But wait! here he comes
paired with a white steed
he slays the dragon,
does the good deed.

He saves her,
just before she falls apart
he has won her acceptance,
and now has her heart.

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