Involentary Blame

July 26, 2008
By Carissa Wesley, Odin, IL

Mascara running down my face,
from the tears of the past i cannot erase.
hurting, secrets, lies and shame,
all people do is involentary blame.
everyone knows the past can be a pest,
so we try to bury it and lay it to rest.
we have all been told multiple lies
starting with teachers, parents, girls and guys.
from promises that were never kept,
to things that were done to you while you slept.
at one time we are guilty the same
we were all chrged with involentary blame.
you desperatly want to say"God it isn't true!"
truth be it God knows you do
everyone has made one person cry
to the point where they want to be with the king on high
are you one of the few with a heart of pure gold?
or are you one with a heart as black as coal?
you may take life as a video game
but when reality hits your faced with...
Involentary blame

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