July 25, 2008
By Anonymous

walking through this world with people staring back at me
looking through their mask at my abnormality
different from them yet the same
silently I go insane from the pain of not knowing who I am

I try to find myself to change my abnormality
but I lose myself in their false immortality
they try to tell me who I am
what to do and wut to see

but in the end my abnormality
is what keeps me from insanity
silently reminding me of who I am
taking away the mask of humanity

humanity has her false civility
trying to change you and me
hiding our identity
behind a mask of personality

all we can do is be who we are
and believe in who we'll be
and live life to the fullest
accepting our abnormality

The author's comments:
I am a very individualistic person. I keep to myself and a very close group of friends. My friends inspire me to be myself and keep away from the copycat ways of the world where individuals are slowly dying away. So I hope that you all as readers can take the advice of my poem and be yourself not who the world wants you to be but you and only you.

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