July 25, 2008
By Joshua Falek, Chapel Hill, NC

I was their for you,
We said we’d always be true,
The one time the places switch,
You leave me in a ditch,
And go play with your other toys,
The ones who you don’t stick to you like glue,
It’s to hard to fight,
And I need to break out of this plastic shell,
It’s so hard and tight,
Once I get out, theirs no one I won’t tell,
You’ve become spoiled,
The toys love you more than you know,
You lead us all,
But every-time you use us to put on a show,
We all start to fall,
And every time you leave,
My tears drop,
And it looks like a thousand seas,
You abuse your toys,
You don’t use them,
You think your so coy,
But every kiss is poison,
Do you care for me,
Can you clearly see,
How much we’ve shared,
How much I at-least cared,
I hope you would have picked me back up,
At-least after you dropped me,
But unfortunately I am excluded from that club,
I would have stood on my knees,
But now I am standing for what’s right,
I’m taking back what’s mine,
Our goal is in sight,
But we must make use of our time,
The chocolate brown bear with the salad fork,
The dolls with the blocks,
I see her smirk,
We ram her like an ox,
And tie her up with a million locks,
She lies when she talks,
Says she likes every toy in the room,
Clearly the truth will come soon,
She obviously likes the dolls more than the bears,
Their slim figure instead of the hairs,
We ask why she can’t just decide,
To drunk, wants a whisky with lime,
We all gather on the top bunk,
We plead with her to act like a monk,
No more toy store shopping,
Buying toys that last a minutes play,
Her temperatures dropping,
Oh yes, this is judgement day,
We all know, she knows,
Just grow up we plead,
Ever since she got a new doll,
Every other one has felt small,
Her blood starts to pour,
From her shackles,
Down to the door,
The air crackles,
It’s not red like ours,
But black like the smoke of cigars,
Like the rest of life,
Can be easy, and fun
Like playing with a knife,
Or an unlocked gun,
But if you miss,
You may scream a ton,
So glad today is different and not a rerun
The candle flickers out,
& the smoke rises up,
It erases our doubt,
And we become tough,
Welcome to the nightlife,
Because this is the set of a million suns,

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