My Happy Ending

July 25, 2008
By Joshua Falek, Chapel Hill, NC

I lay here waiting for my miracle,
Feeling like I keep walking this same circle,
Not getting anywhere new,
Nothing seems true,
The line never ends,
And nothing ever begins,
Hope leaves because I can’t,
Stuck in this monotonous tar,
Hearing my love ones chant,
And feeling the faith in their words,
And the singing of the birds,
Only hurts me more,
Because they can fly away,
Shaking me to the core,
As I just keep saying “one more day,”
Its too much,
And I cant keep this belief alive,
It hurts to touch,
Those knives,
That they call my conviction, my trust,
Because every time I am let down again,
And it builds even more lust,
Will this pain ever end?
As I crawl in this all to friendly direction,
Just going on this endless lonely walk,
Without any protection or affection,
Written in children’s chalk,
Am I blind or just ignorant,
To the thought that I could escape,
Or have my own happily ever after,
Held by locks and tape,
With the guards and their laughter,
I sit here screaming so loud,
No one outside hears in the crowd,
I am told to walk and continue or I will be held here,
Forever, the rest of my years,
I dreamt of love,
Something I guess only angels get above,
But I am left here now,
As the forgotten,
As the rotten,
Hoping they release me soon,
So I can be free of my doom,
And return to having some ideology,
Instead of just these bars that I see,
Where do I go from this cage,
What do I do with all of my rage,
When will I find the one,
Who will rescue me from this depression,
Where will I end up,
Who will I corrupt,
Where will this line end,
And when will my future begin?

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