It's Still You

July 25, 2008
By Candace Russell, Nassau, ZZ

I’m leaving myself notes to remind me of how much I miss you.
But here’s the thing; I sign them anonymously
Because I know that I shouldn’t.
I shouldn’t even think about you.

I still write your name on every blank sheet of paper,
Encircling it with a heart as I move to the next page.
I still wonder if you think about me late at night,
Because that is when I think about you.

I wish on every star I see, like a little child,
Hoping that you will come back to me.
I’m told I am naïve, living in a fantasy,
But it keeps me sane, and it keeps me from falling apart.

I see you with her, and pretend it’s not real,
Just a bad dream; that I can’t wake up from
A nightmare of you and I have no escape.
But only you can save me.

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