Towards that I hope for

May 12, 2012
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Towards that I hope for

Toward my goal I aim to reach,
I endeavor dedicated and stubborn
With extreme care and caution

Toward my goal I seek
I fight the power of spoken word
And I keep my secrets close
For the slightest slip can end it all

Toward my goal I strive
For I know I must be quick,
With precision I fight
Hoping it could still be mine

Towards my goal I run
For as the darkness of sadness and lost hope come around me,
My goal fades in the distance,
And I realize my team is close to end

Toward my goal I dash
Fleeing the darkness behind me
I see my goal snuffed out like a candle
As I drop to my knees and my resolve breaks
I fall into the darkness

Toward my goal I stop
And look at the darkness around me
I see a person’s final escape from this horror
And I happily enter the final door of sleep.

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Mobius said...
May 18, 2012 at 5:18 pm

Hey if anyone reads this i would love to hear feed back so feel obliged to post! :D


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