Little Girl

July 25, 2008
By Emily Rothrock, Shelbyville, IL

I woke up one morning
A note on the door
I knew I'd seen that handwriting

I read to myself
The words I could bear
I'm leaving you, honey
As I shed a tear

My dad woke up
Two minutes later
His hopes were rising
Greater and greater

The door never opened
She never came home
Leaving me and my dad
All alone

Then I grew up
Moved on with my life
Before I knew it
I became a wife

I then had three children
One sister, two brothers
And cried when I realized
They'd never see my mother

Mom returned three years later
Saw the family she never had
Then she went home
And reunited with Dad

Now we are all back together
One big happy family
All I need is Mom's picture
To complete the family tree

The author's comments:
I thought about how tough life can be for teenagers and how things like what I said in my poem can be OK again. Even if the mother never came back in my fictional poem, the daughter and father would still be able to get through the tough times together because they had each other. I figured that maybe bringing the mom back would complete the poem but I do realize that that doesn't always happen in real life.

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