The Dark Girl

July 25, 2008
By Brook Dunbar, Har, PA

The woman stood in front of the table, her sad hands
Fiddling with her hair
In a coffee shop
During her lunch break
People started to stare
But she said nothing
People say she is beautiful
She says she is ugly
Guys ask her out many times
She replies “no”
They always saw her
Never bothered to say a word
For only on reason stopped her
From what she wanted to do
Her mother didn’t care
The fathers never around
She is mysterious
She never says a word
You may see her at a graveyard
At ten o-clock at night
No one knows what she does there
All alone at night
She wears all black
So she can blend in with the darkness
Her childhood wasn’t any better
No one ever liked her
They teased her everyday
Just because she was different
They pulled her black hair
And poked at her pale skin
Washed the paint off of her finger nails
But only at nap time
Everyone knows why they did it
Her name was Raven
She was dark, mysterious, and different
She still sits their alone
At her table
Fiddling with her hair
In that very same coffee shop
And broken from those pages

The author's comments:
I originally wrote this poem for my homework assignment, and my teacher thought it was really good I just had to change some lines and I really like it and I think Mrs.Seiwell does too...Hope you do too!!

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