U know who u are

July 25, 2008
By christopher vanegas, San Antonio, TX

when i was younger i asked god to give me the chance to meet someone

that i could love the way he saw the entire world loving eachother

yet when u stepped into my life all i saw u as was a friend and now i see...

ur my soulmate

cuz when ur around my smiles are real u bring light into this dark abyss of mine

yet i still do the stupidest stuff to anger u which u dont deserve but

you put up wit it all even my stubborness which is killin me

ever so softly on the inside....

making fight just to see the glow that surrounds you

just like the silver lining surrounding the cloud as the sunrises b4 a beautiful day

yes ur like that to me cuz i neverwant5 to make u sad or mad anymore

your happiness makes me feel like im on top of the world cuz they day i go

i kno its gonna be hard for me to face the fact that its the last time....

the last time....

id see those ever so beautful brown eyes that brighten my day

the last time....

id ever get to see that god given beauty i call ur smile

the last time....

id ever get to call u babe and know u were laughin ur butt off

due to 1 to many smirinoffs

yet those are the things i want you to remember and just smile and kno i miss u

thats all i ever wanted was 4 u to smile and to kno when u thought nobody did

i did ur happiness means everything to me just like u do and all i want is 4 u 2

remember the days where id pop up from behind that wall at work

where our eyes would meet and all we could do was smile

u mean that much too me i love u ur the best thing thats ever happened to me

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