Living each day until your life's done

July 25, 2008
By Karli Bahner, Deep River, CT

Set aside all bad emotions, put all unwanted thoughts away
and focus on what you're doing to make the best of everyday
Pick yourself up off the ground, brush off all the extra dirt
Don't think about what makes you sad
Don't think about what makes you hurt
Give yourslef a little confidence
Don't say what will put you down
You'll look radient and you'll look glowing, and a smile will emerge from a frown
Release any attached moments, making you depressed or blue
Suddenly you will start to realize, your old bad day will feel brand new
One by one, the years will come, and you'll feel better in every way
All because you made a small change within every passing day
But you must start to do this quickly, before it is too late
Sometime it's going to come, that commonly dreaded date
It could happen any time, any day, of any part of any year
And even though we make it sound perfect, it is something we all fear
So dont you want to remember your past filled with love, laughter, and fun?
It really, simply, only comes down to Living each day, until your life's done.

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