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May 1, 2012
By M2coolTodd PLATINUM, Clarksdale, Mississippi
M2coolTodd PLATINUM, Clarksdale, Mississippi
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Favorite Quote:
" A day without laughter, is a day wasted."
" Embrace your awesomeness!"

To God, my everything
To my mom, for supporting me through life, you’re the glue that holds us together
To my family, for encouragement
To Ms. Tara P, for being in my life and making it what it is
To Mrs. Noble, for many opportunities, you’re a blessing and inspirations
To Mrs. Young, for making me work hard and smile
To Ms.Shaw, for making me laugh
To Ms. Jones for brightening my day
To Ms. G, for speaking life to me and being there and giving me a smile
To Mr. Harris, for saying “You can” and “You will”
To my haters, my motivators to do what you said I couldn’t.
To my 3 besties:
Justice, for listening and supporting
Roslin, for giving me something to laugh at and about
Tatyana, for laughing at everything I say.
To all 3 of you, for being in my life through whatever
To everyone who told me I could
To everyone who said I would
To everyone who said I’d make it
To those who said I’d be something in life
To those who told me I wouldn’t
Because I did and I have.
To those who gave me a head start.
To Ms. Burnett, your smile encourages me
To Mrs. Tana, for giving me something to look forward to
To Ms. Tanja, for always letting me act silly and laugh
To those who love me
And to those who care about me
To those who allowed me to be myself
To those who set me up for success.
To everyone who kept me laughing and smiling and on my toes
To everyone who ever took the time to listen to me and what I had to say
To everyone who encouraged me
To Ms.Tara P and Ms. G for brightening all my days, even the cloudy ones; my inspirations
To my 3 besties, ride and die for life;
Together forever sisters
To God, without you, nothing and none of this is possible.
I love you all so much
All you’ve done will never be forgotten
Even if I lose my memory,
I will always find a way to remember.
You all are legends in my life
So to all of you, I give credit.

The author's comments:
All of the great people that God has blessed me with in my life have all inspired this piece. They are such wonderful people that it's not just the big things that they do for me but most importantly, it's the tiniest things they do that make me smile and makes my day. All they have to do is be in the same room as me; they don't have to say a word to me, just as long as they are there. I love them more than the world its self.

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