To capture a canary

May 17, 2012
By ammi chan BRONZE, Muncie, Indiana
ammi chan BRONZE, Muncie, Indiana
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I'm running from the rejection a guy like you could do.
I'm escaping from the grasp of reckless you tend to be
I'm lying at your desperate question because my heart is beating out a yes

I know its cliche to say the least
but I wont let my heart make my mind forget your a bad idea
Don't tell them a different story than what you told me

Were both lying through our teeth
So bite off the nerve to my brain
so my mind cant get in the way of what we could be.
So take a step closer and let my heart go wild

That's the way to capture a canary
The darkness you are needs methods to outshine the light
The light that i am needs you to show those methods
You just can't help what you love can you?

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