when two hearts combine

May 17, 2012
By Anonymous

She thought in the start, he had a heart.
She thought in the star, he would never break her heart.
She thought forever, since the start.

But he had other thoughts, so he just shrugged and forgot.
He misthought, so in the end all she was left with was a broken heart.

Yet time goes by, so don’t let it fly.
But for this heart, it doesn’t mind.
‘Cause love is what she felt, but in the end it just melt away.

He knew he did wrong, but he didn’t look back to tell all.
She found out that it wasn’t worth tears, so she went on with no fear.

She found out life moves on, so she went on.
Took step by step and didn’t forget.
Now she walks with a smile, and doesn’t let that bump affect her life style.

The author's comments:
life moves on

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