May 17, 2012
By Pianist88 BRONZE, Pasadena, California
Pianist88 BRONZE, Pasadena, California
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- Steve Jobs

A blaze of glory, flying high
I drifted too close to the sun
Waxen wings that touched the sky
I fell too hard, just for someone.

A silhouette against the blue
I cared too much, and flew too high
Soaring proud and free and true
A silent tear falls from my eye.

The golden rays destroyed his light
I still smile when I hear your name
He fell so far – but shone so bright
I’m shrinking like a dying flame.

I’m not broken because of you
It’s just because I hoped too far
For someone who I thought I knew,
I wished upon a dreamed-up star.

But people change – and we all know
That change can leave a lasting scar
The summer’s gone and cold winds blow
They leave behind a shattered heart.

The author's comments:
This is about all those times when you're looking back on an experience and feel like everything you once had is gone. In the first three stanzas, the poem compares the narrator's feelings to the story of Icarus (if anyone's not familiar with it, it's a Greek myth about a boy who built himself wax wings but flew too close to the sun, melted the wings, and fell to his death), but in the last two stanzas the poem switches to just the narrator's musings as she reflects upon "moving on".

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