Innocent Drops

July 24, 2008
By Kelsey Boyer, Cassopolis, MI

What color defines innocence?
Many find the color white befitting
However, I regress that they are all wrong
White is defined by innocence
How even now I can still see your face
Haunted now of the summers spent together beneath the sallow

Of how your face had become soiled with charcoal
Your hands becoming ashen smudging
The faint traces of grey upon your pure features
Ebony colored your fair skin so forebodingly
An akin of grief swelled deep within
How quickly something so chaste could be taken

I see now vision unclouded
Of that which welcomes us
A forest carpeted with virtue
This time air crisp with a frosty chill
Walking together clouds down casting painful shadows

I turn eyes pallid now looking back at me unseeing
Skin flawless but colorless all the same
With my relentless actions and utter cozen
It was for me now to taint you
Corrupt you with all of my evil
A drop of crystalline
Glistens against silvery cheek

Fear not for once it is over
We shall climb the way towards purgatory
Together, always together
Blanketing the pristine surface of white
With tints of red flowing freely
Our lineage unites
There will be nothing to expiate this time

The author's comments:
I first wrote this piece 2 years ago as an assignment for my 11th grade English class under the study of Jeff Patterson. Normally I dislike assigned works but this was one that I was quite proud of.

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