Cry Not

July 24, 2008
By Claire Belilos, Den Haag, ZZ

Cry not,
For the baby abandoned by his mother,
Cry not,
For the victims killed during natural disasters,
Cry not,
For the child eager to learn but with no opportunity to do so,
Cry not,
For the unnecessary conflict that's tearing family's apart,
Cry not,
For the people suffering of the effects that are caused by our selfishness and ignorance,
Cry not,
For the numerous students dropping out of high school,
Cry not,
For those who are being made to stand around in silence, not able to utter a word,
Cry not,
For the injustice and the glass ceiling preventing so many to reach their full potential

Because it doesn’t seem to matter how much we warn you,
How much we tell you that we’re in danger,
That you're ruining the earth,
That you’re destroying lives,
That you’re letting potential go down the drain,

And instead of focusing on the future, you’re focusing on your bank accounts,

Get your priorities straight. For my sake, for our sake, and most importantly, for the world's sake.

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