i dont know anymore

July 24, 2008
By Megan Warnick, Williamstown, NJ

I dont know

how could this happen to me?

i though i was in love

and yet it was just lust

he hurt me like he was sticking a dagger into my chest

the pain was driving me crazy

i did not know what to do

so i took the knife and slowly drug it across my arm

the pain was increasing

it did not take me fast enough

i took the pills

it made me sleepy

my friend tried to help me

but i just kept slipping pill after pill into my mouth

until the bottle was empty

i was soon knocked out

and when i awoke i was fine

it didnt work

but i felt better and i will live just until another one just

like him comes along

than this will start all over again...

The author's comments:
this is true
i was inspired after someone really close to me hurt me really bad it hurt so bad that i almost died because of him and never again will i do this it hurt other people close to me and put my family in great pain to know that their daughter and sister was hurting herself because of a boy

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