July 24, 2008
As I look around me alls I see are the walls crumbling down.

I have no more life

It is falling apart around me

I cant do anything about it besides sit here

and watch.

People tell me they love me

But they are only saying that because they feel bad for me.

The people I want to love me before my life is over love someone else.

It hurts me inside watching them

Walk down the hall way holding hands.

It just makes my life worse

The pain its like a dagger into my heart

But I have no heart its gone

So many people that I trusted

Took it out and ripped it into shreds.

I continue through life silent no complaints but when I have them no one is here to listen

They have all abandoned me when I really needed them the most.

Did I do something to deserve this?

If I did I am sorry for everything.

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