July 24, 2008
This is the moment.
I feel them all watching me.
Eyes drill into my body
Coming from all around me.
Can’t they all just go away?
Don’t they understand my fear?

I stand here in the box,
Wishing I could disappear.
I don’t think I’m ready yet,
But that’s something they won’t hear.
They say this is it.
My one shot to make it big.
This will define the rest of my years.
Will I make it?
Or will I crumble in fear?

The catcher gives the sign.
The pitcher is winding up.
In a second the ball will be here.
I prepare to swing my bat.
Can I hit it?
Is this my year?

Here comes a pitch, fast and straight.
I read the ball’s spin.
Its gonna’ die at the plate.
It’s my favorite kinda’ pitch
One I can never seem to hate.
She gave me a meatball
Presented on a silver plate.
Does she know she’s in for trouble?
Does she know this is my day?

With the release of the pitch
I feel truly great.
My blood coursing through my veins
My fear disintegrates.
What was I afraid of?
Why would I give this up?

The ball has arrived.
I prepare to swing my bat.
I remember everything I’ve learned.
All the people who have made me great.
And in that single moment
I learn to appreciate.
Step, Pivot, Swing.
Did you hear that sound?
Do you see the pitcher’s face?

As I round first base
I hear my team scream.
Its my first home run
This must be a dream.
Am I awake?
Is this real?

I’m rounding third base
Tears streaming down my face.
My feelings unexplainable.
My happiness unparalleled.
I feel the force of the stands
Who have risen to their feet
In this single moment I have- victory.
Is this how it feels?
Is this really all for me?

Now I truly understand
What life is for me
It takes place on a field
With no uncertainties,
Where negatives in life can never touch me.

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