Sleepless Collisions

July 24, 2008
By Gabrielle McComas, Las Cruces, NM

It's the dead of night and what do you suppose is happening in a world that never sleeps? Heart breaks, blames, and car lights is all that ever remains for you and me. A night unlike all the others, there are not any sentences that could help me explain. The last break that my heart could possibly take was, you walking away. It all started with a lonely pair of headlights, a pair of headlights belonging to a car parked by my driveway, on an empty dark street. I believed, perhaps the driver here is lost or more likely, that he couldn't sleep. But yet to my surprise it was you who came at this unthinkable hour and it was just you who stood on your own two feet in the middle of this dark empty street. You came completely unannounced for there was no call or idea of you showing. Hours passed before I decided to go out and find what this was all about. As i look back now, I can't even remember the words that we exchanged. All that I remember was that I somehow muttered "i love you and now things will never be the same." I can still see how your face drew such a blank and then you left me standing there as you turned and walked away. You got the best of me, and I congradulate you for doing what no other person has done in such a way. You left me with nothing more i could possibly say. But now this nightmare is at an end since it is likely that I will never see or hear from you again. So goodbye, that's really all that I can say since i love you was never enough; goodbye, to you boy who was far more than my friend. This love that I have for you will sadly, never go away. But meanwhile, it's 5 a.m. and I will force you out of my mind, that way the rain can continue to fall if only I could just close my eyes and retreat into a deep and dreamless sleep.

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