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May 15, 2012
By LaLaDani919 BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
LaLaDani919 BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
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For The Love Of Music

When words fail, music speaks
When feelings hide, music sneaks
When life tests your sanity, music cheats
Connections or bonds created, fills your mind, body, and soul
Music leaks


Stand up or sit down
We all face reality when it comes around
Speak up or stay silent
The world will never pity one who is defiant
Chiropractic life lessons leave shoulders weighted
But true identity and self-confidence is never faded
Blaming others brings no solution to the wrong in your life
It is you with the decision on how you live it right
So stand up or speak up
No sitting in silence

Brown Skin

Brown Skin
Abused emotionally
Learning survival in a colorful world
Determined to live comfortable
Brown Skin
Why must many challenge this tone?
Pressured by the unknown
Infatuated with one dream
Brown Skin
The spirit is not yet slain
From what, is the distressed?
Joy, pain, sunshine, or rain
Brown Skin
The strength of black beauty is to infinity

Forgive and Excrete

To forgive and forget
We all know this is impossible
To forgive is to help yourself
To excrete is to eliminate waste matters
You must use the situation to analyze
You must gain wisdom from what you have acknowledged
We seem hold on to what has hurt
We change because of what has been done
We must forgive in order to let go
We must let go in order to better ourselves
To not forgive is to leave pain, anger, and stress
You’ll realize the solution when it is too late to change
You will use the knowledge to develope as a person
The next step is to apply the answers learned to life


Live it up, Never Give it up
Believe in your natural being
The mirror reflects the truth
What do you want to see?
Happiness, wealth, love and family
Success is in the mind,
Thoughts of encouragement
Will lead you to find what you truly seek
With Him (Lyrics)

When I am with him
I feel nothing but him
Feeling something
Something in my body
But I, I just can’t find the rhythm.
My heart changing a beat
My mind adjusting to the
I get these chills running through my veins
His presence is such a blessing
And that’s why I sing
Because when I am with him
I feel nothing but him

The author's comments:
These are six different poems.

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