Night World

May 16, 2012
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Once there was a girl who didnt know where she belonged
She couldnt figyer out life
To her things never felt right
Only at night
She tryed to take things day by day
But as the hours faded away the hole in her heart got bigger
It started out as something small
She couldnt call off the feeling of sadness
She looked out her window each day as she sliped into madness
Hopeing maybe there would be an excape
But it ever came
No one was to blame
It was just her
To her life was a blur that she could never see clearly
But shes used to it by now
But that doesnt mean she likes it
She wakes up at night
Thats the only time when everything feels alright
Its quiet
No one is there but you and your thoughts
She sits alone in her room
With books all around her
Shes bound to stay up all night and read
She likes the worlds shes pulled into
She knew it was lame but she didnt care
There was at least some place she could go when she needed one
But once the sun rises her spirts dont
She waits for the next night to come
People wonder who she is and what she does durring the day
If youd as her shed saynothing
She waits for night
When things feel right
Who knows?
She just does

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