Broken heart

May 16, 2012
By Claire_baller PLATINUM, Platteville, Wisconsin
Claire_baller PLATINUM, Platteville, Wisconsin
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I wake in the mouring
I drag myself outta bed
And I think about what I said last night
Yea we had a fight
What I said wasnt right, I know
I wish I could show you
What I would do for you to be here
But instead you seered my heart
It stop with a start
Broke it in two with the memorie of you
I dont know what you want me to do
But Id do anything to see you
Tell you how I feel
Its so real
My heart is breaking
Its a risk worth taking
Wishing for you to come home
Yea Ill be on my own
But Ill force a smile in show
I know things like this take time
For youn to get out of my mind
But Ill try
Ill be fine
If it wasnt ment to be
Its clearly seen
Were not ment to be
And thats okay
It hurt for now
But thats just life any how Ill find someone thats right for me
That can make me happy that way you couldnt
I shouldnt have to wate for you
I dont know what else to do but move on with my life
Yea at first it wont feel right
But Ill make it through Ill show you
I show myself theres someone else for me out there
Ill miss the secrites that we shared
But I guess you didnt care enough to sick around and work this out
So I guess were over
But thats okay
Id say Im going to be fine
It'll just take some time
Im alright
Im done fighting
And screaming
Emotionally bleeding
Im done with you
Its over

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