Hey mom.

May 16, 2012
By Mrs.LindseyWalker. BRONZE, Morristown, Tennessee
Mrs.LindseyWalker. BRONZE, Morristown, Tennessee
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Hey mom,
do you ever sit and think,
that you don't know your daughter at all.

Do you ever wonder why
she stays locked up in her room either reading or listening to music.

Hey mom,
do you ever wonder,
if I like your husband.
Because I Don't.

Hey mom,
did you ever think,
maybe I get in so much trouble,
because it'll be the only way you'll talk to me.

Hey mom,
do you see my scars?
The ones I have on my wrist?
What about the ones on my sides.

Hey mom,
You expect me to be perfect,
when in the end,
you see I'm more like you than you realized.

Yes mom,
I Smoked Pot.
Yes mom,
I Drank Alcohol.
Yes Mom,
I had sex with a guy,
and I didn't even know his last name till a week after.

Hey mom,
you expect the worst from me.
So that's what I gives you,
because if I give you the best,
you ignore me.

Hey mom,
did you ever think
that I just want you
to love me.
For me.

The author's comments:
Me and my mom are alot alike. Which causes alot of conflict. I Love my mom, don't get me wrong, I'm just tired of not feeling good enough.
So thats why i wrote this poem.

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