July 27, 2008
By Barbie Johnson, Guthrie, OK

Watch from a distance:
A group converses,
If not happily, at least respectfully.
And watch as
One stray comment,
One poorly chosen word,
Tears the group apart.
Where seconds before
There was peace,
Chaos erupts.

She is offended,
And must speak her mind.
She doesn’t care,
But must back a friend.
She must prove
That she is right.
She must defend herself.

And the physical majority,
Quietly waiting for peace,
Becomes the perceived minority,
Too shy to speak.

What have we become,
When we tear ourselves down
Instead of building each other up?
What have we become,
When we are content
To simply sit and watch?

One person, with
One stray comment,
One well chosen word,
Can change the world.
One person can change this all.

The author's comments:
People are going to judge you by the group you fall into, whether that's fair (or accurate) or not. If you're a teenager and they see teens acting wild, cussing, and showing no morals, they'll categorize us all that way. "The physical majority becomes the percieved minority" - if you don't want to be judged, stand up and speak.

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