Happily Never After

July 27, 2008
A tall boy, with short brown hair
walks towards me in the hall,
his flip flops thacking against his feet,
his shirt caressing every muscle,
his shorts hugging his hips.

I want him to call my name
and hug me tight and
make the world melt away.
I want him to wisper that
he loves me in my ear
and that he never wants
me to go.

I want to be the person
he thinks about at night
the one he wants to spend
the rest of his life with.
I want to be his happily ever after,
his perfect wife,
with three beautiful kids,
living in a pretty little house.

But he just keeps walking,
right past me;
he calls his friends name
and gives him a high-five.
He hugs his girlfriend
who has bright white teeth
and straight bleach blond hair
flaunting her long skinny legs
in a pair of plaid short shorts.

He loves her, I can see it in
his beautiful blue eyes.
I can see it in the way he
holds her close to him,
as if her never wants to let her go.

And they'll be living their
happily ever after
while I'm stuck here alone
wishing that I had just had
the guts to try to talk to him,
to let him know that I'm alive
and maybe I'd be the one he's
holding right now..

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Amus said...
Sept. 24, 2008 at 11:10 pm
Omg i am loving this poem. you really caught what it feels like, and i can totally relate.
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