It Was Always You

May 15, 2012
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The wind makes the daffodils dance,

And his smile makes me want to take a chance,

On love, on us, on him and me,

Oh baby, can you not see?

The sun will always shine,

And he makes sure I am feeling just fine,

But can we be something more?

Let’s open up that door.

I hope the moon and stars will light up the sky,

And I know that we will never say goodbye,

Not here, not then, not now,

Not anyhow.

I know sometimes I might whine,

I’m just so glad you’re finally mine,

Never will I let my angel go,

Oh no.

I look up at the moon,

And ask myself “Why must this end so soon?”

They say what will be will be,

But what about you and me?

Tomorrow may bring the end,

And I swore I would always be your friend,

But everything’s changing,

and my heart is slowly breaking;.

I promise you,

I really thought we would say “I do”

But maybe that life isn’t for us,

Why did I have to lose your trust?

Goodbye my love,

Those wedding bells are about to ring,

And I hope you don’t forget anything,

Don’t forget my first love, it was always you,

No one knew me like you do.

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